Why I do What I do

Some people may wonder why I’m so focused on rock art.  Matter of fact, I’ve wondered the same from time to time. Like when I’ve found myself packing my van with paintings in the middle of the night, driving cross country through snow storms, given up perfectly good, well-paying jobs, watched my bank account dwindle and debt mount to pursue my art, painting images held sacred by cultures other than my own. These are some of the times I’ve questioned my sanity and motives. So I have examined this matter deeply more than once.

Ultimately it boils down to two things.

1 – A healthy Mother Earth is absolutely the most important inheritance we can pass onto our children and their children’s children.  With a healthy Earth they can live. Without, they cannot.   It’s as simple as that.  As humans, our connection with Mother Earth is as ancient as the Earth itself.

2 – The ancestral history of this land is extremely important, little known and less understood.  Events of millennia ultimately created our modern society and how we relate to the land and our Earth co-inhabitants.   The remaining carvings and paintings of the ancestors offer tantalizing glimpses to these timeless, mysterious connections.    ancient-reflections

Painting these ancient images reconnects me to the natural landscape; it puts me in that place where time stops. It is that thing that helps me know I am a spiritual being in human form.   Through my paintings I strive to embody these messages, my deep love of the land, respect for the Ancients and pass it on in visual form.

I believe that life extends beyond these earthly borders and that what we do in this lifetime matters. When I pass from this Earth I hope to look into the eyes of the Creator and say, I did the best I could do with the gifts you gave me.

That is why I do what I do. Every day upon waking I say thank you, and pray to do my job well.

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