Solstice Light Meditation

The Light Returns

Meditating with the Solstice last evening, modern lights turned off, I eased myself into a place of darkness.   Quiet.  No artificial noise.  I tune into the ancient earth, seeking synchronization with natural forces.  Unsettled for a moment by lack of light, I reached back millennia looking for guidance on the cycles of life and reassurance that the light, indeed, will return.   Once in that space, sadness stirs at the loss of dark, quiet places for reflection on our humanity within the context of our modern world.

We humans have been here, on this earth, for a very long time.  Birchbark torches, whale oil lamps, candle tapers, flickering flames have carried us through, providing warmth and comfort until the sun returns.  Unsettled by darkness, we humans have always sought the light.  Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, steady; I allow my heartbeat, that ancient inner light, to carry me across the void to greet the new day.  Echoing eternal cycles, today increasing light and promise of fresh life returns.

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