A healthy Mother Earth is the most important inheritance we can pass onto our children, their children and children’s children.  With a healthy Mother Earth the next generations can live. Without a healthy earth, clean water to drink and land to grow food on they cannot.   It’s as simple as that.

The indigenous ancestral history of this land we now call North America and the United States is extremely important when endeavoring to relate to the land we all share today.

Twenty plus years of experience visiting and painting petroglyph and pictograph sites has reconnected me to the natural landscape, the pre-European contact history and instilled a deep respect for both the land and this profound yet delicate cultural resource.   With my work I strive, through prayer and paint, to embody these messages, my deep love of the land and respect for the Ancients and pass this love and respect on in visual form.

Many of these rock art sites are considered sacred.   They should be treated with respect.  Sacred is more than a word. One of my goals is to infuse my paintings with a sense of the sacred and share the elusive essence of these ancient messages through my art.

 Honoring The Ancestors