“Past Lives At Chaco”

Painting Past Lives

Visiting and painting these ancient, sacred sites is an opportunity to consider the long history of human habitation on this Earth, the rise and fall of great civilizations, whispers of their history, poignant stories of lives past, those of family, friends, enemies, and perhaps even our own.

While painting I think about these ancient societies and how they relate to our modern world, or how our modern world relates to them.  Millennia of birth and deaths, rebirths, this world and the next; these old images speak through crumbling layers of time.   “Do not forget us.  We are a part of you, our blood and spirit infuse your current life experience.  Open your  heart and learn.”

Abundant, sparse, peaceful, violent, what do these many passages teach us?  We are at great advantage at this pivotal time of knowing; conscious of the great histories and civilizations of the world.  This is an amazing to be alive!  We have the superpower advantage of being able to study what those ancient cultures did right, fostering abundance and good living, and what they did wrong to bring great pain and downfall.

Wealthy of purse or wealthy of spirit, which matters most?   Can you be the latter if not generous with the first?  What actions usher in joy?  What parts of one’s life carries forward?

These Old Ones and their teachings keep bringing me back to the painting table.  Examining these matters enriches my life; for their piercing insights, I am grateful.


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