Entrypoint 2

Creativity is Sacred

Engaging this creative act, I am entering  a sacred space.  It is a blessing, this gift I’ve been given.  Aching, tired from the cares of the day, this meditative creative act carries me to a place where my heart feels full.  Hopeful.

To open my heart and remember the Old Ones,  layer after layer, I allow the flow of watercolor and Spirit to wash away my cares and show the way.

There comes a point I must set the brush aside. Now I must let this particular piece rest, before colors flow into a muddy mess. Patience. One of my biggest lessons in this lifetime. Patience. From one step to the next, I have learned that haste indeed makes waste. Watercolors, rock art and the quiet guidance of the old spirits of this land have taught me that lasting, worthwhile endeavors takes time.

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