Christmas Reflections

Christmas Morning

Upon waking this Christmas morning I am inspired to paint, for me a meditative and deeply healing process.  The Muse directs my attention to highlighting dark spaces on a “discarded” piece.  As pigment flows via water from my heart to my hand to my brush to paper, I allow spirit to speak.  My mind wanders to serious matters facing us all in a rapidly changing world.   This is a season of spiritual reflection and renewal for many religions and cultures.  Looking to the future, how can I be the best person I can be?

The Creator gives us each unique and special gifts.  I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to discover some of mine, yet I wonder how I can best share those gifts to help shed more light into dark spaces of our modern world?   If every individual who walks this earth were free and encouraged to develop their unique gifts endowed by the Creator, I can only imagine the hope that would engender in every single heart.  Imagine the kaleidoscope of vibrant, beautiful loving light that would emerge.

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